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Many of us have known the Deutschs for years and have seen them in action – either teaching, at a Shabbat meal, addressing a Birthright program, or counselling a soul that is looking for direction. Maybe you have been personally affected by their beautiful work, or maybe it has been a friend or a child of yours. Even if you haven’t personally met the Deutschs, someone you know has come through the Deutsch home and has been deeply moved by their warm encounter, or has learned something that has inspired them to do something meaningful in their lives.

As a tribute to their work, we have organized Team GetYourJewOn in the Jerusalem marathon. We are running for Team GetYourJewOn to not only raise funds and awareness for Rabbi Eli’s organization, but also to honor him and his family, as a thanks for selflessly impacting thousands of lives, including ours.

Your donation to our campaign will go a very long way, and is helping GetYourJewOn to further its mission of connecting to, inspiring and educating groups in Israel and abroad that would otherwise be left virtually unexposed to Judaism. With your donation, GetYourJewOn’s impact will continue to grow: through the continuation of birthright presentations, inspiring Shabbat and holiday meals in the Old City of Jerusalem with the Deutsch family, weekly Wednesday night Wine & Chassidus events that delve into the deeper side of Judaism, as well as recorded video and audio talks online and on social media.

Your donation will also help to spread Rabbi Eli’s lessons and teachings. He has produced books on the why’s of Judaism that are conversational, explanatory and friendly, that are designed to open doors to a welcoming Judaism that is deep, experiential and transformational. GetYourJewOn has received phenomenal feedback and now ventures to translate these works into other languages beginning with Hebrew, as well as create and format e-books and audio books.

GetYourJewOn has impacted and will continue to empower people from all backgrounds – from Birthright participants to Mir yeshiva students, both in person and through their online following. With your donation, their amazing work will only continue to expand and affect more of the world.

The organization that has organized our team and works to empower people to do anything active for love and charity, Running on Love, will also benefit from your donation. Our team in the Jerusalem marathon will be one of many other Running on Love teams participating in the marathon; what we all have in common is that we are participating in the marathon for a cause that means a lot to us and as an expression of gratitude for someone who has positively affected our lives. We would be honored if you would donate to our campaign and/or join us in our efforts! If you join our team, make sure you also register for the marathon here:

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