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Chayim Ran on Love for us... Let's Run on Love for him

I would do anything for Chayim just as he did (and surely still is doing in Heaven) for me and for all of us. I also know, that most of all, what I can do for him now, that he would appreciate the most, is put everything he taught me to the test, and prove to myself that I can do anything. And that you can too. That with the right attitude, I, and we, can push ourselves and our bodies to defy gravity.

This is why I thought to create a team in his memory to run in the Jerusalem marathon. I've never run a marathon before, but I know that with Chayim on my mind the whole way, and with all of the things he has ever taught me running through my brain and soul and heart like a tape recorder… I will be able to run the whole thing and it will be easy. I feel that I, and anyone who does this with me, will be living examples of exactly what he wanted each and every one of us to learn and internalize – that we can do anything with the right attitude and mindset. Running a marathon, more than anything, I imagine, is a trick of the mind. The second you start to tell yourself that your body is sore and you can't go further – then you want to stop. But if you can be in control of your thoughts – your soul and passion and love for Chayim will push your body to go the distance… I really believe and know this is true. And what better marathon to run than the Jerusalem marathon... for Reb Chayim of Yerushalayim?

So I am using this opportunity to raise money for Chayim's family through Running on Love. Chayim loved and supported Running on Love and its mission: to spread love, charity and education of its importance around the world, in honor of people that we love. He also lived this. He consciously lived every single moment of his life doing whatever he could in order to love and care for others... and this is what Running on Love teaches and enables the world to do.

Chayim's life, guidance, love, as well as his passing really set a fire in my soul to accomplish a lot… not only for myself, but for everyone. So I'm really excited to do this... and I know that Chayim is right now smiling at us, really proud of us for learning to Run on Love… and doing it in his honor.

Team Members:
Total Raised$5,244.67  
General Team Donation$36.00  
Melissa Sperber$408.00  
   Martin Bodek$377.00  
   wendy erdheim$86.00  
   Chaya Halpern$2,575.67  
   Rick Halpern$72.00  
   Ellie Simon$771.00  
   Yocheved White Cohen$919.00  

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