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Join me in my efforts to raise money for The Daskal Family Fund!

Reb Chaim Daskal, z"tl, otherwise know by many as Reb Chaim Yerushalayim, was a close mentor of mine when I was younger. He was a great man, full of life, love and happiness.

Reb Chaim, z"tl, was always looking out for others. For me, he was the person who believed in me at a time when I couldn't believe in myself, helping me find an inner strength which I hadn't realized I possessed. He showed me a path in life full of love, purpose, happiness and fulfillment. For all of this and for so much more, I have immeasurable gratitude to Reb Chaim, z"tl, and his Rebbetzin.

I have never run a race before, nevermind a half-marathon. But with a lot of training over the next 6 mos., I plan to run in the Jerusalem Marathon this March in Memory of Reb Chaim, z"tl.

Please help me reach my goal of raising $3600 for The Daskal Family Fund which will go to Reb Chaim's widow and his 4 orphaned children.

Reb Chaim, z"tl, and his Rebetzin gave so much to so many and it would mean so much to me to be able to give a little back now.

Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to raise money for The Daskal Family Fund!
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